SOP – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Statement of purpose

So, you have been asked to write a SOP and you have no idea where to start?

We are pleased to advise that we have created a SOP Guide that will help answer your questions. The SOP is a very important document and it is essential that you prepare it correctly. If you follow these simple guidelines, you shoudl get it right first time.

The SOP helps you not only get a quick offer to the University, but it also helps you to prepare for a possible interview with the Department of Home Affairs when you lodge your visa application. Writing a strong SOP also improves your chances of getting a visa grant because you will be very well prepared to answer any questions you are asked.

You can find our SOP Guide at the links below:


If you would like to find out GTE information about your specific country, you can find it on our online GTE tool.

Refer to the section below to know which SOP Template to use. Students from Onshore and Level 1 countries are generally not required to provide a SOP, however, we may request one if we need further information. Onshore students are required to provide a SOP if their visa is due to expire within 6 months of their application date.

Which SOP Template do I use?

To find out which SOP template you should use, please go to our GTE Guide, type your country name into the search box and hit enter. You will then see a list of drop-down menu bars appear on the left-hand side of the page. Click on the SOP drop down menu and you will see which SOP template you need to use for your specific country.

As a general guide, Onshore and EL1 students are not required to submit a SOP, however, there may be cases where a SOP is requested. If required, Onshore and EL1 students will use the Low Risk template.

EL2 and EL3 students will use the Mediume Risk or High Risk template. You can see the specific template requirement in the GTE Guide.

Onshore students may be required to submit a SOP in the following circumstances:
1: Student is on student visa and current visa will expire within 6 months of application.

2: Student is on a BVC, BVD or BVE. All such visa holders must provide an onshore SOP and Assessor to assign GTE Task in CRM.

Onshore students in the following circumstances must submit and Offshore SOP:
1. Student is on a visitor (600) visa and is applying for a student visa onshore whilst holding the visitor visa. The SOP required will follow their home country SOP Template.