Update 2 – Admissions – Southern Cross University

Where to get help - the resources available to you.

Navigating the vast university website and other resources can be a harrowing experience. Where do you even start? You want to get assistance about a matter, but have no idea where you should be looking. Hopefully, this blog post gives you some ideas where to begin.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new “How do I…?” webpage.

This simple page aims to bring together in once place the most commonly asked questions of international students at Southern Cross University and provide you with some answers. This is your starting point for answers. From how to accept your offer to how to know if you are enrolled or not, the “How do I…?” page aims to set your feet on the path to finding the answers you are after.

Our pre-arrival website is also a great place to find the information you need prior to your commencement at SCU. The site provides you a huge amount of information about how to apply, how to defer or withdraw from your course, the GTE SOP, the GTE Interview, your Orientation schedule and a range of other pre-arrival information.

An important thing to know is who is responsible to provide you with the answers to your questions. This depends on where you are in your student journey and what your question is about. The table below should give you a clear indication of which service area of the university to approach for the answers you seek.

Who can help?

Application to admission

Questions about your application to study at the university, GTE-related questions, GET interview questions, course information, accepting your offer, application documentation, change of course, change of campus, change of Agent, refunds (pre-enrolment), course withdrawal (pre-enrolment). All pre-enrolment communication and assistance will be undertaken by the Admissions Team. You can contact the Admissions Team directly at [email protected].

Admissions Team

Enrolment to graduation

Once you have been enrolled in your course, the Student Services Team assumes responsibility for your service needs. Questions about fees, leave of absence, welfare matters, compliance matters and general support as well as complaints and appeal information. All post-enrolment communication and support will be carried out by the Student Services Team unless it relates to academic matters. You should only contact the Student Services Team after you have enrolled. If you have not yet enrolled, please contact the Admissions Team for support. You can contact the Student Services Team at the following email addresses:

Sydney: [email protected]
Melbourne: [email protected]
Perth: [email protected]

Student Services Team

Academic matters

All academic-related matters should be referred to the relevant academic staff. You should approach your tutor or campus Program Coordinator in the first instance for any academic matters. All academic matters are the responsibility of the Academic Team.

Academic Services Team

Of course, you always have the SCUnited platform to stay updated with the latest news and information, connect with staff and one another and learn from our blog posts. We hope you stay connected through SCUnited and please do let us know if there is any particular information you’d like to see. We would be happy to post about specific information if you request it. The Career and Entertainment hubs are great ways of keeping up with what’s going on in the world of employment and entertainment and our informative blog posts are designed to provide you with the information you need to make your decisions.

Once again, check our the “How do I…?” page in the first instance if you are looking for quick answers. The page will grow as new questions are submitted.

And always feel free to ask us questions here so our understanding of what you need continues to grow!